Taking The Pressure Down A Notch

I know I said I was going to post everyday, but it has been an intensely weird week. It seems like one of those times when the universe is determined to throw everything it can find at you all at once. Everyone in my household is currently dealing with some kind of health issue, even... Continue Reading →


Time In My Real (And Virtual) Gardens

Today has been such a lazy nothing day. I was over-caffeinated yesterday and made the very poor decision to sit up most of the night playing Minecraft. For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a world full of Pagan temples, pyramids, castles, forests and beautiful gardens. I love to imagine a world that... Continue Reading →

The Great Mugwort Harvest

Wow. That sounds awfully formal, doesn't it? Perhaps it should be "My Mugwort Plant is Taking Over The Garden and I Don't Want to Waste the Trimmings." At any rate, today was the big day. The day I went from having a great fat lot of mugwort taking up space in my front yard, to... Continue Reading →

The Staff of Life

Bread. How I love this controversial staple. The best bread is perfectly satisfying with just a smear of good butter and needs nothing else. Bread and it's other yeasty friend beer have been the sacred stuff of existence for Gods and mortals alike for millennia. The invention of flour and bread allowed for a steady supply of food... Continue Reading →

Mundane Housework Magic: Entryways

Well I've gone and done it now. No sooner did I type the words "blogging everyday" than all my ideas and motivation flew right out the window, flipping me the finger as they went... In true slacker style I have spent the entire day avoiding my computer, and trying not to think about it. I... Continue Reading →


It has occurred to me that I've been publishing posts daily over the last few days. I have shocked myself with the regularity of it. One thing I've noticed though, is that plugging away at it every day seems to be loosening up the writer's block I've been dealing with for months. with this in mind, I... Continue Reading →

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